Presentation of Green Kitchen Project activities in the Mateday 2012 Conference at “Politecnico di Milano”.

On 24th October, activities of the Green Kitchen project have been exposed in the Mateday Conference at “Politecnico di Milano”, where the mathematical modeling is brought together with the business reality. MateDay 2012 is an event dedicated to students and recent graduates of the program in Mathematical Engineering to provide them the opportunity to effectively meet the “real world” of Companies and the job market and available roles after graduation. In this context, it results easier to find how the knowledge and capacities that they are acquiring during the university can be applied in the production world, with examples so different as the Risk Management in the Bank sector (Intesa Sanpaolo), the Resource logistic in the Emergency Medical (Service A.A.T. 118 Milano) or the Energy Efficiency in a home appliance company (Whirlpool Corporation). More information about the event can be found in

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Dissemination of the Green Kitchen Project activities by means of a poster presentation in the Marie Curie People 2012 Conference in the University of Cyprus.

On 4th–6th November , Researchers from the Green Kitchen project have exposed activities of the project by the presentation of a poster in the Marie Curie People 2012 Conference in the University of Cyprus. In the poster, called “Energy Management Solutions to improve the Home Appliances Efficiency”, the activities regarding to the second task of the Work Package 5 (T5.2: Innovative heat transfer models for cooking in ovens) have been briefly exposed. The People Conference has been dedicated to Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions in Horizon 2020, their regional and international impact and the issues and challenges related. A major objective of the event has been to emphasize the importance of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and their potential: Embracing Science, Research and People, assess their impact and input in the fulfillment of the Europe 2020 strategy while underlining the Euro-Mediterranean collaboration and mobility, the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and addressing new policies and ideas crucial to the improvement of the quality within Marie Curie actions. The Conference has also been an opportunity to enhance Science and its results, exchange ideas, build partnerships, … Continue reading

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Green Kitchen Project’s Researchers participate in the International CAE Conference 2012.

On 22nd–23th October Researchers from the Green Kitchen project have participated in the International CAE Conference, celebrated in Verona province (Lake Garda area). In the field of numerical analysis, the International CAE Conference is the most important event in Italy and one of the leading conferences in Europe. It features two congress days and some Users’ Meetings of the main technologies developed by the most important worldwide CAE players, such as ANSYS, Flowmaster, MAGMA, Forge, modeFRONTIER and many others. Numerical analysis technologies are more and more present in the industrial world. They are absolutely essential to the product and process innovation at each level and in every industrial sector. Significant user testimonials will present the state-of-the-art of CAE in diverse industries and will prove how such technologies help increase the product efficiency and ROI (i.e. Return On Investment). This annual appointment is an efficient platform for designers, analysts, IT managers, engineers, professors, researchers, associations and students involved or interested in virtual simulation tools. An accompanying exhibition has run parallel to the Conference Program. The exhibition has offered a networking platform, … Continue reading

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