Whirlpool Europe s.r.l. is recruiting 3 researchers to work in the GREEN KITCHEN project for 24 months. The GREEN KITCHEN project implements a research program aimed at developing and sharing crucial knowledge in the field of home appliances and their domotic integration in order to further advance technologies and eco-design strategies needed for drastically improving energy efficiency (up to 70%) in the household environment. The project is strategically oriented at building an Industry-Academia Competence and Excellence Center targeted at a vision of Future Generation Integrated and High-Efficiency Home Appliances.

Elegibility: Experienced researchers must, at the time of recruitment, (i) be in possession of a doctoral degree, independently of the time taken to acquire it or (ii) have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience, including the period of research training, after obtaining the degree which formally allowed them to embark on a doctorate in the country in which the degree was obtained or in the country of the host institution to which the early stage researchers are seconded (irrespective of whether or not a doctorate was envisaged).

Nationality of the researcher: as a general rule recruited researchers must be nationals of a country other than that of the premises of the host organisation where they will be working to be eligible for recruitment by an IAPP partner. There are however exceptions to this principle (see below).
Special conditions for Nationals of Member States or Associated States In the case of researchers that are nationals of Member States or Associated Countries, an exception to the above rule can be granted if they have had their legal residence and principal activity (work, studies, etc.) in a non-associated Third Country for at least 3 out of the last 4 years immediately prior to the secondment/recruitment by the host organisation. This measure is designed to counteract “brain drain”.Special conditions for holders of multiple nationalities:In the case of a national holding more than one nationality, (s)he can be recruited in the country of his/her nationality in which (s)he has not resided during the previous 5 years. Short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.

CONTACT PERSON: please send your cv at Cristina Castiglioni.

1. Job profile : Electronic Engineer (WP 5,6)

Skills requirements: the ideal candidate should have 5 years degree in Electronics-Automation Specialization- with 2-3 of experience, or have a PhD in Electrical / Mechanics engineering with matured experiences in Electrical/Mechanical/Thermodynamics System Modeling and System Control.
Knowledge of Matlab/Simulink, or similar simulation tools, is mandatory as well consolidated skills in Advanced Control and System Identification techniques are fundamental requirements.
The suitable candidate must be strong motivated and work for objectives and focused on results. He/She should have great communication skill with ability to work effectively in team where he/she will be allocated.

2. Job profile: Energy Engineer (WP 2,5)

Skills requirements: the ideal candidate should hold a 5 years degree preferably in Physics or in Energy/Chemical Engineering.
He/She should have knowledge in Thermodynamics (Heat and Mass Transfer), Radiative Transfer, and Fluid Dynamics. At least 1 year experience in experimental activity related to thermal energy handling, particularly at low and medium temperatures.
Fluent English is required. as well as concise presentation skills.
The candidate must be strongly motivated, work for objectives, and focused on results. He should have great communication skills with the ability to work effectively in cross-functional, global teams.
The suitable candidate should have analytical thinking skills and an innovative & proactive working practice, able to overcome barriers to effectively imbed innovation.

3. Job profile: Mechanical Engineer (WP 2,5)

The ideal candidate should hold a 5 years degree preferably in Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering, with at least 2 years working experiences in a product development function.
PROE, or other CAD 3D-2D system, knowledge is mandatory.
CAE and CFM skill are common tools for the development activities
Good understanding of thermodynamics and heat transfer mechanism.
Good knowledge of stamping and injection molding process
Good understanding of statistical tolerance, preferred six sigma tooling
Understanding of industrial process, and assembly strategy such as lean manufacturing.
Knowledge of modular design / production approach ( ie. Toyota production system or similar ) will constitute a valued asset.
It is fundamental to have a fluent knowledge of English.
The suitable candidate should have analytical thinking skills and an innovative & proactive working practice.