Presentation of Green Kitchen Project activities in the Mateday 2012 Conference at “Politecnico di Milano”.

On 24th October, activities of the Green Kitchen project have been exposed in the Mateday Conference at “Politecnico di Milano”, where the mathematical modeling is brought together with the business reality. MateDay 2012 is an event dedicated to students and recent graduates of the program in Mathematical Engineering to provide them the opportunity to effectively meet the “real world” of Companies and the job market and available roles after graduation. In this context, it results easier to find how the knowledge and capacities that they are acquiring during the university can be applied in the production world, with examples so different as the Risk Management in the Bank sector (Intesa Sanpaolo), the Resource logistic in the Emergency Medical (Service A.A.T. 118 Milano) or the Energy Efficiency in a home appliance company (Whirlpool Corporation). More information about the event can be found in

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