The main goal of the proposed project is to develop and share crucial knowledge in the field of future home appliances and domotic systems
in order to further advance technologies and eco-design strategies needed for improving energy efficiency of home appliances.

To investigate advanced solutions for heat recovery (including capturing, transporting, accumulating, transforming and utilizing waste heat) and. This research will focus on how to recover and reuse low-temperature waste heat and how can be transformed into higher quality (i.e. high temperature) and will aim at carrying out experiments with heat pipes, technologies for heat storage and heat conversion into electrical or chemical energy.

To investigate advanced solutions for refrigeration of food. This research will focus on the applications of the magneto-caloric properties of new materials such as Gd5(Si1.8Ge2.2) and new metal alloys which heat up when exposed to a magnetic field and cool down below ambient temperature when the magnetic field is removed. Research will focus on understanding how the regenerative portion of the magnetic refrigeration cycle which requires successive cooling and heating cycles to build the temperature lift required.

To analyze waste recovery (water, heat) and resource sharing strategies in order to improve the overall efficiency of white goods. This research will focus on eco-design integration of the refrigerator coupled with the dishwasher for recovering the heat produced by the former and using it for pre-heating the water in the latter. Specifically for water, the objective is to investigate innovative technologies for evaluating the quality of grey water and strategies for process optimization and/ or reuse.

To experiment innovative technologies for monitoring and controlling the food cooking process and the food refrigeration process. Research will focus on cooking appliances like ovens and cook-tops and refrigerating appliances like refrigerators and freezers with the aim of defining control algorithms, choosing sensors and actuators for improving the processes while minimizing the use of energy.

To experiment with domotic system with advanced grid-integrated energy negotiation software solutions, implementing an energy/power management control strategy and providing feedbacks to users on the actual energy consumption and potential savings via a negotiation (on energy cost and quantity) with the system of the energy distribution operator. The system will also serve the users to acquire knowledge on how to operate domestic appliances while maximizing their performance and reducing the energy cost and consumption.