The GREEN KITCHEN project implements a research program aimed at developing and sharing crucial knowledge in the field of home appliances and their domotic integration in order to further advance technologies and eco-design strategies needed for drastically improving energy efficiency (up to 70%) in the household environment.

The project is strategically oriented at building an Industry-Academia Competence and Excellence Center targeted at a vision of Future Generation Integrated and High-Efficiency Home Appliances. It will bring together scientific competences in appliance manufacturing, thermodynamic processes, electromagnetic cooling, sensors, actuators, signal processing and grid-integration, into a single experimental research environment in order to provide 23 researchers with the opportunity to work together, build up and share knowledge.

The project establishes 5 Research Lines (RLs) covering the main building blocks towards the vision of the GREEN KITCHEN research. Each RL will explore research on new energy-efficient technologies in the context of concrete prototyping projects:

  • Advanced solutions for heat recovery
    Prototyping project: developing novel heat recovery and energy/resource reuse techniques.
  • Advanced resource sharing and waste recovery technologies
    Prototyping project: energy efficient combined home appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers,
    using novel heat recovery and other resources re-use technologies.
  • Advanced solutions for refrigeration
    Prototyping project: energy efficient refrigerators, using magneto-caloric properties of new materials.
  • Advanced control technologies for cooking and refrigeration of food
    Prototyping project: innovative sensors and actuators.
  • Advanced domotic integration of energy efficient appliances
    Prototyping project: innovative domotic control unit.